For the 2020 year the Trust awarded 16 Bursaries to the below recipients:

  • Olivia Brookie                         
  • Andrew Hearn
  • Asaph Lasaca
  • Bailee McConnell
  • Caleb Martin
  • Kaitlin Herron
  • Chanda Sapkota
  • Campbell Jackson
  • Keegan Leask
  • Max Zander
  • Thomas Kirk
  • Jessica Schnell
  • Thomas Sun
  • Rebecca Evans
  • Isobelle O'Connor
  • Jack Pinder

Bursaries are awarded both for academic study and vocational study.

Each Bursary will be awarded for up to three years and have a value of up to $4,000, with the period and amount dependent on the type and duration of study. 50% of the bursary is normally paid for the first year of study and the balance in equal instalments over the remaining period of the bursary.

Academic study is defined as an undergraduate degree course at Massey University, UCOL, Te Wanaga O Aotearoa or Inernational Pacific United NZ.

Vocational study is defined as study towards a degree, diploma or trade qualification at UCOL, Massey University, Te Wanaga O Aotearoa or International Pacific United Nz or an accredited Private Training Organisation and which is related to a qualification for a specified vocation.

Bursary candidates will be assessed based on a combination of factors including academic record, participation in cultural, sport or community activities, future leadership potential and financial need. A higher weighting on school academic performance will apply to applications for academic bursaries.

Bursary payments are made at the beginning of each academic year in March.


The winner of the Central Energy Trust 2020 Supreme Award is Olivia Brookie. Olivia attended Cornerstone Christian School and is now studying towards a Bachelor of Chemical / Bioprocess Engineering.

This Bursary is to the value of $15,000, $5,000 per year over a period of 3 years.

Note: The winner of the "Central Energy Trust 2019 Supreme Award" will not be entitled to the standard Bursary also.


Applicants for the bursary must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, must reside in the Manawatu/Tararua region (the old CentralPower Electricity Trust Area) and be intending to reside and study in the Manawatu/Tararua region for the duration of their course of study. (See enclosed map)

Bursaries are reviewed annually and their continuation to the next study year is contingent on satisfactory academic progress and personal standards being maintained.


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