Under the Trust Deed dated 20 July 1993 the Trustees have the discretion to consider the allocation of funds for projects which are ENERGY-RELATED and which will benefit the consumer's of the former CentralPower energy company.

The Trustees will consider applications for grants every six months, with closing dates of 1 May and 1 November each financial year.

The last grant round was held in May 2019 with some $871,359 being approved to 31 organisations.

The next grant round is scheduled for November 2019, with the closing date being 5.00pm on Friday, 1 November 2019.

Trustees will approve grants within the Grants Criteria as considered appropriate under their discretionary power, and subject to available resources.

Grant criteria
The Trustees in exercising their absolute discretion under the Trust Deed will consider ENERGY-RELATED grants with the following criteria:

  • The project is in the former CentralPower catchment Manawatu/Tararua area (see map)
  • The project will be of benefit to the community; or
  • The project will assist business growth and economic development within the community; or
  • The project will promote energy conservation;

Please note the Trust now have a grant application form specific for schools.

Information required from Applicants

In order that the Trustees can give full consideration to applications it will be necessary for the following information to be supplied:

  • A detailed background of the organisation and its aims and objectives;
  • An audited statement of the financial position of the applicant as at the most recent year end;
  • A detailed description of the project to be undertaken including all costs, and how other funding will be provided;
  • Two or more quotes for work to be undertaken and details of which quote is being accepted and why;
  • How the funds sought are being spent to benefit consumers within the Trust's area;
  • If a loan is sought, what terms of repayment are acceptable?
  • A completed current application form (If more room is required, please continue on separate sheets);
  • Copy of Income Tax exemption letter from Inland Revenue Department;
  • Copy of documentation confirming Charitable registration.

Application Forms

Grant Application Form

Schools Application Form

Event Funding Application Form

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